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CHOP Resilience 
Speaker Series

This wellness lecture series open to the entire hospital. Our Blue Zone Team is one of the partners for this initiative along with Physician Wellbeing, HR/Wellness, and Integrative Health

Jennifer Walter "Addressing Moral Distress: Ethics for Individual and Team Resilience"


Greg Hedler "Applying the Principles of Positive Psychology to Your Life" 


Stephanie Abbuhl "A Framework to Create Possibility out of Challenge" 


Stewart Friedman "A Proven Method for Creating Harmony Among the Different Parts of Life" 


Aurora Archer and Kelly Croce Sorg of the Opt-In Podcast "Resilience in the Practice of Anti-Racism" 


Blythe Lord "“Something broke inside of me:” What families of seriously ill children can teach us about grief, hope and our resilience"


Kristin Neff "How to Care for Others Without Losing Yourself"


Miriam Stewart "Strength Through Vulnerability: Overcoming Fear, Stigma, and Imposter Syndrome to Live More Authentically" 


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CHOP’s Resilience Speaker Series lectures are available to view on RADIAL

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